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Lajf Racing P28V2 | Lajf Racing

Lajf Racing P28V2

Lajf  Racing introduces the new P28V2.  The Lajf Racing P28V2 has become easier to assemble, quicker to win with on the race track.


With its considerable longer side links and new way of mounting the rear centre ball the P28V2 has a larger sweet spot setup wise and is easier to assemble.

Side links
We have altered the shape of the battery slots in the chassis to minimize the risk of shorting the battery pack to the chassis.

Battery slots

A new stronger bumper for the lexan bodies.
With the all new Lajf Racing infinitely adjustable steering it is much easier to set your desired toe setting without dissassembly of the front end.
The steering is connected to the all new servo saver to protect the servo from any impacts.

Servo saver

With the  optional mounting kit for the Kyoshos 2.4Ghz electronics the chassis becomes less cluttered as most electrical parts are in one place.

The Lajf Racing P28V2 has been tested over a long period of time on both of our tracks, rubber and RCP.

The P28V2 is as its predecessor the P28 a very competitive, durable and raceproven chassis