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Lajf Racing P28 | Lajf Racing

Lajf Racing P28

It is with great pride and joy that Lajf Racing brings you the new P28 chassie now even more refined and adapted to high level racing. The P28 is the ultimate chassie in the 1:28′th scale, developed and tested over many years. The chassie, made from only the best materials with the highets quality standards, has been developed for the top racers demanding the very best.


The chassie is made from a carbon hybrid material with glas fibre armering. This is done to get the right amount of flex in the chassie for the different types of tracks available, both high grip and low grip tracks. The chassie has been successfully tested on both Regupol and RCP tracks. Get one now!


The P28, the only chassie in the 1:28′th scale that has a link rear suspension system ,  now has one piece side links to make it even easier to set the rear end of the car. The one piece side links are less likely to bend in an collison.


The rear end is equipped with tweak springs that can be used to adjust tweak.
The body pins are adapted to mount a hard plastic pan car body.


The P28 has a side oil damper so that the racer can adjust the side dampening by changing the oil in the damper._DSC8410

The main damper is also an oil filled damper for optimum dampening of the chassie movements, it is ofcource easy to change the oil in the damper to adjust the dampening._DSC8412

The P28 is delivered with a bumper made to fit under the hard plastic body. The P28 is adapted to fit a micro servo._DSC8417
* Wheels and rear axle is NOT included in the kit

In the P28 kit the chassie, knuckles, dampers and roll over mast are included. The chassie is delivered unassembled. An mounting instruction can be downloaded at the download page.

With the P28 you are well equipped to win your upcoming races.
Get one now!